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Enhancing Student’s Employability Prospects

The Use of Role Play as a Teaching and Learning Strategy in Corporate Governance.

This project presents the results of an experiment in the use of role playing as a teaching and learning strategy to enhance employability and contributes to the debate on innovative ways to equip students with the skills and experience they would require in the world of work. It shows how collaborating with students has the potential to enhance the employability prospects of students and get them adequately engaged in their programs of study.

Preliminary results/findings suggest that the use of role plays in teaching:

• Allows for more engagement/interaction with lecturer/students

• Encourages team working

• Boosts students’ confidence

• Promotes personal development

• Increases students’ knowledge of the subject

• Develops leadership skills in students

• Enables students to acquire some employability skills

Client:Enhancing Graduate Employability and Entrepreneurship through Students’ Research: An Exploratory Study


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