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Support businesses with bespoke training for building professional skills.


Passion For Excellence.

Academy for Excellence in Education (AFEXED) is an education, training, and consultancy with a strong passion to inspire and empower people, at all levels. Our events are geared towards empowering, motivating, training and equipping attendees with relevant skills to achieve their full potential and become champions, leaders, and agents of change.

Passion For Excellence

At AFEXED we have a passion for excellence in what we do. If you are an organization or an institution, we would work with you to enable you to develop more competitive and effective strategies that you need to survive in the highly competitive and globalized business environment. We are constantly looking for ways to help institutions introduce vibrancy into their classrooms in order to enable students to learn in meaningful and engaging ways, in which they acquire skills that are relevant in the real world. Similarly, we support organizations in identifying and maximising the uniqueness of their employees to improve productivity and the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. We also provide bespoke training and skills development opportunities for different categories of individuals, including employees of different organisations and institutions.

Real Life Skills in the Classroom

AFEXED provides tools and resources that enable student’s acquire real life skills in a classroom context. Even in their final year, many graduates struggle to match their skills with their career objectives, so we help you discover your hidden talents and unlock your potentials.