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Training in research skills

At AFEXED we pride ourselves in the quality of our training in research skills. With our expertise in research training, students are guaranteed to make a distinction in their undergraduate or post-graduate dissertations and achieve the best possible outcome in their PhD or other research project or assignment.

With over 35 years’ experience in research training and supervision, we have successfully trained students and researchers, who have graduated in flying colours.

Here are some testimonials from students supervised by Dr Elewechi Okike:

  • “I am deeply indebted to my director of studies, Elewechi Okike, who provided me with full support, encouragement and extremely useful guidance and comments. I had been tossed around for three years from one supervisor to another, and I wasn’t making any headway. The University was going to send me parking, and then the Director of Research for the University requested that I be passed on to Dr Okike to supervise my research. By the end of my first supervision session with Dr Okike, I had received a clear sense of direction for my research. I told her that if I had her from the very beginning, I would have completed my PhD much sooner. Within two years of working with Dr Okike I not only completed my PhD research, but I successfully defended my thesis and was awarded my doctorate degree.”Mrs Beatriz A. (Jordan)
  • “I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Elewechi Okike for her support throughout the dissertation. The guidance and suggestion from Dr Elewechi Okike helped to pave the direction of conducting the research in the right and appropriate way.”A.Y (Thailand)
  • “ I am extremely grateful to my dedicated supervisor, Elewechi Okike. She has offered me valuable ideas, suggestions and criticisms in terms of her profound knowledge and rich research experience. I have learnt from her a lot not only about dissertation writing, but also the professional ethics. I really appreciate the help she offered which enabled me complete my dissertation successfully.”X. Sun (China)
  • “I am grateful to my outstanding supervisor Dr Elewechi Okike for her proficient guidance and encouragement."M.H.E Nigeria
  • “I want to thank my supervisor Dr Elewechi Okike for her concise feedback which enabled me to critically reflect on the pursued directions of the research and thus gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my chosen directions for the research. It helped me avoid less promising directions.”N.R.K Pakistan
  • “My profound gratitude goes to my supervisor Dr Elewechi Okike for her professional guidance, advice and creating adequate time to supervise this research work – I am very grateful.”V.O. Nigeria
Professor Okike leading research training workshops at Qassim University