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Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the global economy in an unprecedented manner, affecting businesses of all sizes. Many, especially in the hospitality and travel industries have been badly hit and many big-name stores and brands have had to shut down, with thousands of employees losing their jobs and means of livelihood. Even the way businesses are run have been impacted, the effect of which is a hybrid of delivery of services. Some employers and employees work from home, creating a demand for online services and the need for training in skills in digital technology.

At Afexed we offer specialised training and support to businesses of all sizes. The ‘new way’ of doing business will require adequate strategies to compete effectively in the marketplace in order to survive in the long term. There is a growing need for technological acumen to compete in a changing landscape. These changes will require businesses not only to invest in the training of their existing employees, but also, to embrace the digital transformation taking place that will accommodate potential new employees.

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