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At AFEXED we work with organizations and institutions to enable character develop more competitive and effective strategies to survive in the highly competitive and globalized business environment. The availability of technology is no longer the sole key factor to success. Strategic resources have shifted from capital to knowledge. Changing images of work and the work place require institutions and organizations to develop new capabilities and take a proactive orientation.

Our Focus

Desired educational outcomes move from development of knowledge toward the use of knowledge and from teaching isolated skills to using skills in business contexts. The changing work place necessitates increased reliance on teamwork, creativity and flexibility, decision making at work level, continuous learning, and the extensive use of communication and information technology.
Student preparation to function effectively in the global business community requires change in organization structure, curricula and instruction. Changes like those occurring in the work place, coupled with new revelations about how adults learn, challenge educators and training institutions to consider similar shifts in the way learning processes are structured. Educational institutions are now under pressure to adapt curricula to changing societal demands.

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Passion For Excellence
Passion For Excellence

AFEXED is an educational and training consultancy led by accredited professionals, with over 32 years’ experience