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Innovation & creativity in Teaching & learning


The Higher Education sector, as well as schools and colleges need to gear themselves up and be ready to face the challenges of globalization, digitization and other mega trends that will affect the education Sector. Students need to be prepared with the right skills required in the world of digitization and technological advancements, otherwise, institutions will be turning out graduates and students who will find it difficult to gain employment. Today the world needs people who can think independently, creatively, innovatively and have the ability to connect. Institutions will need to change their model of teaching from the current “one size fits all” approach to a model where students can develop their uniqueness and achieve their full potential.

The Corona Virus Pandemic which forced a lockdown on all aspects of human activity, has added a new dimension to the challenges that the HE sector is already confronted with. It has opened up a whole lot of issues that will need to be addressed in relation to what institutions of the future will look like. Students’ learning styles, teaching approaches and more importantly, assessment strategies will need to be thought through. At AFEXED we support institutions in developing innovative and creative ways and teaching and learning strategies to address these challenges.

Please watch the attached video to see some of the criticisms levelled against the current system of education in most countries, which need to be addressed.

As Visiting Professor at three institutions I have had the opportunity to introduce innovation into the curriculum of these institutions. I was the first female Visiting Professor at Qassim University’s School of Business and Economics in Saudi Arabia and the first female to address both male and female faculty in the highly segregated environment. This was because of the perceived added value to their educational provision. I mentored a number of female academics and walked closely with the head of the female campus to introduce innovation and creativity into their curriculum.